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If you’ve ever wanted to feel empowered, heartbroken, and loved all at once, then Olivia Hall and Carrie Rudzinski‘s How We Survive is the show for you!

Theatre Scenes

Successfully falling short of perfection, Hall and Rudzinski have created a near-masterpiece of imperfection – a window into the specific worlds of two women, raw flaws on show, unabashed and rightfully unapologetic.    

Manawatu Standard

How We Survive is more than simply polemic or a cry for social justice.

The poems, often presented in shared duet, are laced with humour, healing, tenderness, nurture, love, loss, insight, wisdom and common sense.

How We Survive: A Poetry Collective featuring Carrie Rudzinski and Olivia Hall

Fierce, feminist, fulfilling poetry. 

How We Survive is a feminist spoken word collective featuring internationally acclaimed poets Olivia Hall and Carrie Rudzinski. As a collective, they tour theatres and schools across Aotearoa to deliver powerful and moving poetry performances.


In 2022, Carrie and Olivia have created Hysterical, an 80-minute poetry theatre show exploring the myth that women are too emotional by confronting body politics, systemic sexism, and weeping uncontrollable in the supermarket. This show will make you feel empowered and alive. Come, celebrate the hysteria in all of us.

Hysterical is currently touring to Tauranga, Hamilton, Christchurch, The Mussel Inn, Nelson, Wellington, Dunedin, and Auckland. Tickets can be purchased at 




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