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The Shotgun Speaks

The third collection of poetry from celebrated American slam poet Carrie Rudzinski, "The Shotgun Speaks" unveils a biting look at love, jealousy, family, and culture through the gaze of a well-traveled feminist.

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A History of Silence

The debut collection of poetry by Carrie Rudzinski, currently available as an e-book through kindle or a pdf through Bicycle Comics. 

Link to Kindle e-book
Link to PDF purchase


How We Survive

A collection of poetry written by Carrie Rudzinski and Olivia Hall, this work compiles the pieces from their successful feminist poetry show of the same name. 

Link coming soon.

HWS cover_Artwork_crop.jpg


Stream Carrie's albums Goddess Bound, Break The Ceiling, Barefoot Whale Riders, and Live at Boston Poetry Slam on itunes and Spotify. 

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